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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 13, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-plus. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news today at 7:00 a.m. >> good afternoon, and welcome to 11 news at noon. i am sarah caldwell. the long anticipated bill review for accused perry hall shooter robert gladden is postponed once again. new revelations about the kids are coming to light today.
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-- about the case are coming to light today. david collins is outside the court. >> according to his attorneys, 15-year-old bobby gladden brought a shotgun and 21 rounds of ammo to the first day of school because he expected and desired to be killed. >> i think you are dealing with the child who primarily was motivated to commit suicide by cop. what he was doing was acting out in terrible fashion in the hopes that somebody other than him would pull the trigger on him and he would perish. >> 15-year-old -- his lawyers told us earlier that 15-year-old bobby gladden brought the gun to school to deal with police. he had been undergoing a mental health evaluation at a local hospital. his attorneys asked for a postponement of the bail review until they have had a chance to
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review their client's medical records. they needed the records to develop a home plan if the judge releases him from his no-bail status. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder after his shotgun discharged in the school cafeteria, striking daniel borowy. a new date for the bail review has not been set. attorneys also give the judge notice that they intend to seek a transfer of the case back to juvenile court. no date has been set for that hearing as well. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> classes have returned to normal at morgan state university after a shooting on campus. classes were canceled after the a man was shot in the stomach at the student center. he is now in stable condition. officials are calling the act of targeted shooting. the school sent an alert to
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students to wait inside as police searched for the suspect. >> my first instinct was to get inside. i went to one of the rooms with no windows and locks that. >> they cleared the building and rendered it safe and the officials at morgan were able to move around freely again. >> neither the suspect nor his victim are in university students. and this the third gun-related incident at a baltimore city schools since late august. investigators are considering the possibility of installing metal detectors at school. this is after n/a twitter brought a gun to stemmers run middle school and -- after an eight greater brought a gun to stemmers run middle school and pointed it at his teacher and classmates. yes, i've notid
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said no. there have been several school incidents around the country where metal detectors have been in place and have not prevented incidents. >> officials also say that they want to make sure that administrators are trained to handle traumatic incidents. >> sunshine is out again today and the weather turned we started last weekend is in progress. we look at the radar-satellite combination. for the most part, high end dry. we do see a system, a big front out to the west from the great lakes across iowa, from kansas to the texas panhandle. the rates and much weaker in the midwest -- rains are much weaker in the midwest. slight change in the weather is in the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> our nation bid farewell to neil armstrong, the man who took the first giant leap onto the moon. his fellow pioneers in space, along with politicians and the general public, are crowding the national cathedral right now for a memorial for the very private astronaut. his crew mates buzz aldrin and michael collins and mercury astronaut john glenn are at the church for the service. kim dacey is at the memorial service right now and you can see her report tonight on 11 news at 5:00. still to come, violent protests continued in the middle east after two attacks and american embassies. how the u.s. is seeking justice. the west nile virus is hitting maryland. and dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. e-mail e-mail or just visit our want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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>> anti-american violence is spreading through the middle east in response to a film that protesters called blasphemous to islam is the second day of demonstrations after protesters stormed a u.s. base in benghazi,
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killing the ambassador. >> hundreds of protesters turned on police after storming the u.s. embassy in sanaa. the aggression is spreading through the middle east in egypt, tunisia, and iraq. the attack in benghazi killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> we are closely watching what is happening in yemen and elsewhere. >> secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke harshly of the amateur video made in the u.s. that sparked it all. many have called it blasphemous towards islam. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. >> during "the today show," john mccain said that he believes the attacks were organized and that ambassador stevens was a target. >> the indications of how this
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attack was carried out indicate that that is the case. >> the u.s. is working with the government of libya to figure out who was responsible for the attack. and nbc national security analyst predicts that bringing the perpetrators to justice may not be an easy road. >> ultimately, we are going to be very reliant on the government of libya. >> still to come, if you think you face challenges when body training, wait until you hear this story. >> we take a look at the map. two different parts to the weather and a little rain in between. we look at how that moves in our direction coming up. the sun is shining. at the ocean, 75 degrees on
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>> in the "medical alert," the state of maryland reports 25 of the showcases of west nile virus this year, including two deaths. officials will spray in baltimore county and starred in the milford mill area in a one- mile radius around campfield road. crews will also spray and area of anne arundel county next tuesday. for more information on the the spring, visit our website, [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] starting next week, mcdonald's restaurants will list calorie
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and attrition information on in- store and drive through menus. it is expected to take effect next year. mcdonald's says it wants to voluntarily offer information to educate customers. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> there is the system out to the west. it does not look all that vigorous in iowa and wisconsin. pretty weak rain. a big storm town in west texas approaching the dallas area. you do see the direction it is moving. we will have to deal with this eventually. have,look at what we pollen-wise. weed pollen in the moderate
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range. mold spore in the moderate range. look at the current conditions as far as the high temperatures are concerned. yesterday, 79 is the high at the airport. we will probably do a little better than that during the day. we are already in the mid-70's. 74 degrees in annapolis. ocean city, 75, and parkton, 74. in oakland, 70 degrees. satellite image shows this disturbance out west. an unsettled situation in the ohio river valley right now. it is testing in our direction, but we have this area of high pressure. did reaches from the maritime provinces in canada and in our region. there is another area of high pressure behind that, with a very pleasant, dry air. that is the key to the whole
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thing. the humidity is low. you can see the difference in temperatures. 70's and 80's. orange is ahead of the front. these blues in the mountains of temperatures in the 40's. nadine, computer models indicate that it will make a turn. nadine is not a storm that is going to affect us at all. it will turn to the north and then eventually to the east. our forecast, hi and dry. a degree or two warmer than yesterday. mild and low humidity situation. southwest winds at 10 miles an hour. what happens to the front out west? by the time we get into friday morning, we see a little moisture from the south, with south winds ahead of the front. mostly just clouds moving into
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the area. we will see more clouds tomorrow as the front comes in in the evening hours, a couple little showers. not much with it at all. late in the day on friday and saturday morning, we may see a shower go through the area, and then things dry out. great set up for the weekend. here is our seven-day forecast. towards evening, probably in the evening or overnight hours, early on saturday, a sprinkle or shower. not a big chance 80's on friday, seven days on saturday for the most part, saturday should be dry, too, except for that slight risk in the morning. money that's all right, but tuesday, rain chances return to the forecast. >> all parents know how challenging potty training can be, and the occasional accidents are inevitable. but one mother now faces a fine
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because her 2-year-old son could not hold it. >> nathaniel is learning that in the world of potty training, you cannot always pee where you want. >> they asked, could we use the bathroom, and were told no. >> as they left a clothing store sunday night with their elderly in-laws and children, nathaniel read to the traffic light pole took matters in his own hands, as his mother tried to redirect him. >> next thing you know, i have an officer giving me a ticket for public urination. >> the officer wrote that caroline told nathaniel to go into the street and never acknowledged it was an accident, and then she says the officer lecture tour on parenting. >> he said he was doing this for
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my own protection, because god forbid there was a pervert out there looking at my son. >> unbelievable! he is 2. can we donate or something towards the ticket? >> nathaniel is a bright child who, except for this misfire, is doing well with his potty training. >> it is not about the $50. i want a place that feels friendly to me that my children will feel safe in and have positive experiences with police officers. >> that is quite a story. mr. you have heard of the -- most of you have heard of the jared diet, a man who lost weight and eating at subway. and now a closer look at the starbucks by it. -- starbucks diet.
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>> every coffee shop has its regular, but this woman calls starbucks her second home. she eats all for meals here, all of them, and says that it has helped her to lose 85 pounds in two years. >> i realize i could do it, i found a system that worked. >> she says she lost all that weight by counting calories. the labels made it easy for her to keep track of how much she was eating. >> you look down, and there are a really healthy choices. >> she starts her day with oatmeal and black coffee. at lunch and dinner is a panini or bistro box. >> protein every now and then, ham and cheese, and if i go for
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a bike ride, i can go for more. >> is a registered dietitian says that she may have trouble maintaining her diet. >> diets don't work in the long term. >> if she is not careful, she could suffer from malnutrition. >> if you are limited to one at parker restaurant, it is very difficult to meet your nutrition needs. >> she says she is feeling better than ever. >> nothing hurts anymore. no medical issues whatsoever. i feel like a kid again. >> i will take vietnam and pound cake. that might not be in the diet, -- the lemon pound cake. that might not be in the diet, though. coming up, your lottery numbers.
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>> and it is a foul ball! the orioles win! >> can you feel the excitement? to a 3-2 wine o's
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over the race. looking for that three-game sweep first pitches in 10 minutes. acc can say they have the luck of the irish. notre dame plans to move to the acc. it will remain an independent in football but will play five acc teams a year. notre dame has to give the big east 27 months notice before leaving the conference. if you think football is a tough sport, cry watching a game -- try watching the game played on elephant. pachyderm polo can get a little crowded, so each team has only three players. other than that, is similar to regular polo.
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very cool. tonight at 5:00, you have likely seen the promotion, the online photo contest looking for the cutest pets. one, this is looking for a whole lot more. gun scarce in baltimore county schools have many demanding swift action from officials. tim tooten is tackling the topic and will have the latest in a live report. we could learn more about maryland's electric utility and light of the power outages during the june derecho. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> the winning maryland lottery numbers for today, your pick three came first.
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in a moment, pick four, but first, ravens cash fantasy scratch-off. you could win prizes all season long. here we go with your poor numbers -- pick four numbers. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> are you going to give as good weather for the ball game? >> absolutely. sun is out now. stadium is pretty full. >> oh, it looks great. >> temperatures in the low 80s. a lot of the sun, low humidity. morning in the 40's out west
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today. dry mostly for the next seven days. days. >>
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